The Need

The UK workforce is made up of 46% women, however in STEM related industries (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) women are less than 16% of the workforce and only 8% of engineers are women.

Only 7% of parents encourage their daughters to pursue engineering careers, according to the Institution of Engineering and Technology.  

Inform & Inspire

A small act for a big impact on young girls

In the same research, after being provided with more information about the engineering career opportunities, 50% more parents would encourage their daughters to pursue this career, and 90% more girls would consider it.

Too Little Too Late

The gender imbalance is created at a very young age, way before women enter the workforce. 

The shift occurs between GCSE and A-level through the subject choices the girls make at school. At 14, many girls have ruled themselves out already (Kiwana et al 2011).